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donington park

A half marathon, team relay and one lap fun run on the race track of  the famous Donington Park.

Event AddressDonington Park Racetrack Castle Donington DE74 2RP

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LWA - Living Without Abuse

Please support our charity - we desperately need YOUR help!

LWA is the Donington Park Half Marathon Organisers and its Official Charity. LWA is a charity offering support to anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse. LWA support women, men and children  in the Leicestershire area

Formerly known as Loughborough Women’s Aid, LWA is a domestic abuse charity based in Charnwood. LWA believe that everybody has the right to live safely and without fear of abuse. They can provide support to anyone experiencing or fearing violence or abuse, from a partner, ex-partner or family member.

They offer a range of services from listening and support to active Outreach Support schemes to help people who have been victims of domestic abuse to overcome it and rebuild their lives.

As a domestic abuse charity LWA does not discriminate. Their services are there for the victims of domestic abuse no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief, LWA can help you to overcome the abuse you have suffered. They have been helping people who have suffered or are still suffering from domestic abuse since 1977 and plan to carry on offering these services throughout Charnwood and North West Leicestershire.

If you would like to learn more about LWA

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